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The holidays can definitely be a time of stress and there never seems to be enough time to stop and pamper yourself! Between staying on top of shopping for gifts to spending time with family and friends you may find yourself short on time when it comes to your daily skincare regimen.

Staying on top of your holiday skincare is important, especially when fatigue and cold temperatures are involved. It’s no secret that a number of skin issues are related to stress including psoriasis, acne, and more. Additionally, the warmer temperatures of the holidays can also cause dry skin and redness to become an issue.

If you want to keep your holiday glow and enjoy the season with healthy skin, continue reading. The following skincare tips will help you maintain a wonderful summer glow no matter how hectic your holiday season may be.


Luckily, pampering yourself doesn’t have to take up a lot of time during your busy days. In fact, with just a short 10 minute break you can unwind with a quick skin cleanse or facial mask.


Cleansing your skin is not only an excellent way to restore a healthy glow and even tone, but it can also remove impurities from your pores and prevent the appearance of redness, acne and other less-than-welcome skin issues.

Cleansers don’t just remove surface dirt and impurities, they also exfoliate and reach deep into your pores to remove dead cells, toxins, oils and more. A quick break to bring out the Iluma Exfoliating Cleanser can not only help restore your bright complexion, but it can add a refreshing zest of cool comfort to give you a bit of a boost to finish out a busy day.


Taking a short amount of time away from a family gathering to pamper yourself with a skincare mask is a great way to unwind. The holidays can be absolutely hectic and sometimes a short break is all you need to boost your mood. Don’t forget to add Prevention+ 30 Hydrating Moisturizer after your mask break, especially if you plan on spending time in the sun.


Hydration cannot be emphasized enough, especially during the warmer temps and dry air that come with the end-of-year holidays. Dry skin not only feels rough, but can also display blemishes more than usual. Keeping your skin hydrated will add a healthy plumpness to every area of your face.


You’ll find a wide range of different serums, some of which target different trouble spots and others that provide all-over benefits. As an example, Vital C Hydrating Intense Moisturizer is a great option to consider for night time use as it delivers targeted hydration to your skin where it is needed most.

Additionally, you can boost overall skin hydration with the Vital C Facial Mist. It not only delivers a zesty fragrance to your senses, but also a cooling mist that provides on-demand hydration no matter where you are or when you need it.


After a busy and exhausting day, you most likely just want to climb into bed and relax as you drift off to sleep. But don’t forget to finish up your day with the right skin care routine. Doing so can give your skin plenty of time to rest and relax too.


One of the biggest taboos in proper skincare is sleeping with your makeup on. Leaving makeup on while you sleep can be a disaster for the health of your skin. It can easily clog up your pores, trapping impurities, oils, and dead skin cells inside which can lead to the appearance of acne, blackheads, and other unsightly skin issues.

Using a complete cleanser is extremely important to ensure you remove all traces of your makeup before you climb into bed. Many cleansers also add hydration and essential elements back into your skin, which can help you wake up feeling refreshed.


Retinol is great for reducing the appearance of age signs such as wrinkles, fine lines, and more. Using the Ageless Retinol Overnight Masque for example is a great option to add to your nightly skincare routine because it helps improve the overall appearance of stressed and collagen-deprived skin.

Whether you only have a short 10 minute break during a hectic holiday gathering, or want to ensure your skin gets the best care possible before you turn in for the night, there are a range of ways you can pamper yourself throughout the holiday season.

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